January 11th, 2013

Nature Flowers Yellow

Sleep App for iPhone

So a coworker mentioned he used this app many moons ago, and I came across another reference to its popularity late last year, so I thought I'd give it a go.

You leave it running, phone face-down near you on the bed, and it reacts to your movements.

Here is the graph from last night (the best night so far, according to the data):

Collapse )

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Nature Flowers Yellow

Just waiting

Going out in the rain but waiting until the last minute before the bus comes. Having green tea. Relaxing.

Here's a photo of my newest orchid:

I found it on sale at Home Depot, almost in the trash bin. It had been injected with blue die to make the flowers blue, but I took it home without any flowers.

I've been lucky with these plants so far!

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