April 4th, 2013

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14th-Century Florentine Art

Tuesday a friend and I met in Toronto, as we have been doing quite a lot since she came back to Ontario from New Brunswick. Yay! I have my buddy back! So we are able to geek out talking about birds and squirrels, Dr Who and movies and books. And art.

As our membership at the AGO is set to expire soon we decided to go see the current exhibition of early Renaissance Florentine art. Apparently the artists were influenced by the Byzantine Empire, which would probably explain why blue angels and red angels are everywhere. I still haven't figured out the significance of these colours. Why red specifically? I mean, it's not like they couldn't represent pure spirit, for gold leaf was used generously! The Florentines dressed in darker colours, so the bright robes of those in the paintings represent the spiritual realm, and bring the viewer emotionally closer to the action, so to speak.

A very beautiful collection. See examples behind the cut.

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