May 3rd, 2013

Nature Blue Eggs

Birding Festival

I have been following the online postings (FB mainly) of Tommy Thompson Park. They are having a Spring Bird Festival on May 11th. I have signed up for one of their Warbler Walks. Excited! I know that many birds are migrating through the Leslie Street Spit which is a large manmade park which goes for kilometers into Lake Ontario right beside downtown Toronto. Last year I took a VERY LONG hike to the end of the spit and almost DIED. At first I scoffed at the cyclists, but at the end...I saluted them. (Or I would have if I still had energy.)

The Bird Research Station is much closer to the park entrance and I missed it last year because of the lack of signage. They put up nets and band what they catch, and they catch amazing birds! I can't wait to go.

Their blog is worth taking a look: