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List To Make Me Feel Guilty

I am going to write down a list of books I own, but I have not yet read. This is meant to make me feel guilty...I shall not buy another book until I read all of these! (And I better get going, or I shall never buy another book for five more years).

  • Rogue Wedding by Terry Griggs ok
  • A Crackup at the Race Riots by Harmony Korine ho-hum
  • A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry excellent
  • Lost Light by Michael Connelly
  • Ladysmith by Giles Foden given to Marwan
  • Larry's Party by Carol Shields not read, but Bookcrossed
  • Out of the Flames by Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone
  • The Forest by Edward Rutherford hard to get through, but nearing the end! ok
  • Mercy Among the Children by David Adam Richards ok
  • Tears of the Giraffe by Alexander McCall Smith good
  • 100 Love Sonnets by Pablo Neruda
  • Complete Stories by Dorothy Parker
  • Jack Maggs by Peter Carey excellent
  • The Petty Details of So-and-So's Life by Camilla Gibb Bookcrossed
  • The Island of Lost Maps by Miles Harvey gifted
  • The Orchard Thief by Susan Orlean
  • Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk good
  • Ulysses by James Joyce
  • Alva and Irva by Edward Carey gifted one copy, kept the HC
  • What You Need by Eliza Clark very good
  • The Jester by James Patterson gifted
  • The Iliad by Homer
  • The Macken Charm by Jack Hodgins
  • The Magician's Wife by Brian Moore
  • No Other Life by Brian Moore
  • Nature's Numbers by Ian Stewart
  • The Periodic Kingdom by P.W. Atkins
  • One Man's Trash by ivan e. coyote very good, about to be Bookcrossed
  • Midnight Robber by Nalo Hopkinson
  • Empire of Dreams and Miracles edited by Orson Scott Card
  • Henderson's Spear by Ronald Wright gifted?
  • The Second Fiddle by Yves Beauchemin
  • Elizabeth and After by Matt Cohen
  • Birdman by Mo Hayder very good
  • Masterworks of Latin American Short Fiction read a few
  • Collected Stories by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • Belling the Cat by Mordecai Richler
  • A Concise History of Poland by Lukowski and Zawadski
  • Victory at Falaise by Dennis Whitaker, et al.  given to Marwan
  • Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon
  • Being Dead by Jim Crace
  • The Truth Teller by Katherine Govier partly read and Bookcrossed
  • How to Be Alone by Jonathen Franzen (essays)
  • Island by Alistair Macleod (short stories)
  • Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder
  • Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks
  • The Collected Poems by Czeslaw Milosz
  • Malbork: The Castle of the Teutonic Knights

Now you see why I am in trouble. And those are just the hardcovers and trade paperbacks.

I'm currently reading Blue Mars, the last in the excellent trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson.


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