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"President Obama, much to his credit, has forsworn the use of torture, but politics and policy makers change and democracy cannot rely merely on the good will of one president and his aides. Such good will did not exist in the last administration. And the inhumane and illegal treatment of detainees could make a return in a future administration unless the Supreme Court sends a firm message that ordering torture is a grievous violation of fundamental rights."

"Anyone who doubts the degree of executive branch pliability in this realm needs to consider this: The party that urged the Supreme Court not to grant the victims’ appeal because the illegality of torture was not “clearly established” was the Obama Justice Department."

Editorial - Yes, It Was Torture, and Illegal - NYTimes.com

I may be naiive when it comes to international politics, but I believe we all need to be more vocal on the eroding of human rights in our own countries, and internationally. I personally haven't done anything about this in a long while since I left Amnesty International twice: once in my twenties, and once just recently (such organizations sometimes atrophy, depending on the people in the committees or at a national level). Posting a link in my journal is not enough.

Amnesty International's

Counter terror with justice

"Government responses to the threat of terrorist attacks have led to a weakening of the framework of international human rights. States are resorting to practices which have long been prohibited by international law, and have sought to justify them in the name of national security."

Please go to the above link if you actually want to do something. A bunch of little actions do lead up to change. :)

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