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Corn Husk Dolls: How to Make Them!

Education - Corn Husk Dolls

"In England, where corn refers to any grain, such as wheat, rye, or oats, good luck harvest figures called corn dollies are made each year.  You can make your own from corn."


  • Corn husks, fresh or dried, about 6-8 pieces.
  • String
  • Cotton balls, about 4
  • Scraps of cloth, yarn, beads, and pipe cleaners (optional)
Note: If you are using dried husks, soak them in water to soften them.  Fresh husks need no special preparation.

doll4.JPG (6272 bytes)

Step 1:  Take a strip of husk and place a few cotton balls in the middle, twisting and tying it with string to make a head.

Make some arms by folding another husk and tying it near each end to make hands.  Slip the arms between the husks that extend under the head.  Tie the waist with string.

doll1.JPG (10053 bytes)

Step 2: Arrange enough husks around the figure's waist so that they overlap slightly.  Tie them in place with string.

doll2.JPG (17909 bytes)

Step 3:  Fold the husks down carefully. For a woman wearing a long skirt, cut the husks straight across at the hem.  to make a man, divide the skirt in two and tie each half at the ankles.  Let the figure dry completely.

doll3.JPG (21211 bytes)

Step 4:  You can leave you figure as is, or give it a face, hair, or even some fancier clothes.  Use a fine-tipped marker to draw facial features.  Glue some fuzzy yarn on for hair.  Add some tiny beads for buttons, and bits of fabric for aprons or vests.  A pipe cleaner staff or cane will help the man stand upright.

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