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Cookie Monster Goes for a Winter Walk

Elm Hill CookiesWhen I was walking in the "Snowpocalypse" on Groundhog Day I spied at the location which used to house a bookstore (used books falling off of their shelves) a tiny cookie shop called Elm Hill Cookies. "OMG!" As my legs were numb from the winds off of Lake Ontario I thought I'd check it out

After climbing over a few snowbanks to get to it. I found the shop is small and simple in design. It has a small "milk bar" where I enjoyed a spiced black chai tea and a cranberry shortbread cookie. All the cookies are made in small batches, and the proprietress (who studied at George Brown's pastry cooking school in Toronto) says she uses the finest ingredients, and the cookies are square "because they don't cut corners." You can visit her website at www.elmhillcookies.com
I brought home a box of cookies (see the above picture). They were absolutely delicious, and the lady doesn't lie about the ingredients. I can taste the difference!

Kerr Village definitely has a lot of neat shops and restaurants with quite a few mom and pop stores mixed in with a few new startups. All within walking distance for me! I guess the calories mean I'll be walking a lot more...

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