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Memories: Photos from the Australian Open

Stanislaw Wawrinka, the Swiss compatriot of Roger Federer (above) was a Twitter fool all throughout the Open. He's had some drama in his personal life, and it came to light during the first few rounds. Someone posted about Stan's photo essays on Homer and other courtside foolery here.

Just before the open there was much flooding in Queensland around the Brisbane area. (My relatives are farther away and are not affected directly.) The tennis players got together to do the best-EVER benefit that they have done so far, and they did it to help towards flood relief. Lleyton Hewitt and Stam Stosur were the major organizers behind the event, and if you want to see it you can see the highlights video in my previous post, here. Rafa and Roger (above) played doubles for the first time at this event! People were crying with thankfulness. We call these people FEDALS.

Jim Courier has been doing such a fantastic job doing the mens' courtside interviews, that I think that he may have been doing it since 2006 or earlier? I'm not sure of my facts, but this American tennis legend is funny. He asks the best questions! Check him out on YouTube. He also has been the traditional umpire at the tennis benefits, and you can also check out his humour during the Rally for Relief (link is above).

Alexander Dogopolov! OK. This Ukranian dude was amazing during the Open! Some compared him to Federer is his balletic grace, but I think he is more like a Tigger bouncing around and getting impossible shots. I saw him first at the Rogers Cup in Toronto last summer, and I wish I saw more than a few games because he has steadily gotten better and made a fierce bid to make it late into the tournament. He has really won fans over!

Alexander was brought down by the Mighty Scot Andy Murray, another young contender for the throne of GOAT (the Greatest Of All Time). Andy has the skillz and the patience to win many matches and make things difficult for all the top players.


Andy (or Muzz or Mugray) is also a Twitter fool. He is very intelligent and knows how to construct fantastic points. Unfortunately for the British public, he has yet to win a Grand Slam. He has been treated very unfairly by the British press...and I wish they would stop! Talk about pressure...

This year the Spanish talent and legs of David Ferrer finally made it quite deep into the tournament. In fact, I held a small hope that maybe, maybe, this was his year to win a slam! He is a nice man with an awfully gratifying sexy Spanish voice. And he is one of the best returners in the game. Ahem.

Every Slam Nike, who kits out our dear No. 2 Roger Federer, puts Swiss flags on his footwear. They represent how many times he has won that tournament. (During Wimbledon the flags are changed to golden trophies.)

Ferru at the beach. They were promoting beach tennis...I think.

Ah! This was new to me! For the first time I saw TV coverage of live wheelchair tennis! I already knew that it existed, and that the players are allowed two bounces before hitting the ball. I did not realize how immersed in it I would get. This type of tennis is just as strategic as other tennis matches. Shingo Kunieda (above) is the world's No.1-ranked player...and he is very good! Luckily it was one of his matches that I watched.

Australia Day takes place during the Australian Open. This year there was some kerfuffle when a certain female player was serving, and the Aussies started their gun salutes.  She was quite upset.

This is Milos. He has a serve which many are now comparing to Pete Sampras. He made it very deep into the tournament, and many Canadian Twitter fans were sending each other ecstatic messages peppered with #GoCanadaGo and #GoMilos hashtags.

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