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Personal Mission Statement

So...I'm still job hunting. Currently I am about to finish my Personal Mission Statement which, frankly, I started during the last time I was looking for work. I think my happiness at finding a position I wanted blinded me to the need to finish it.

Do you think it's a good idea to put a personal mission statement in my cover-letters?

Here is the link to a 5-step process for writing one. (I am at step 3, but need to review my choices.)

Learning to scuba dive was scary and thrilling. I'm so happy I did it!

Here are my results from Step 1: Identify Past Successes.

1) organization
2) being aware of feelings
3) finishing what I start
4) achieving dreams and goals step by step

Success: Learning scuba diving and tennis, for example, and pushing my boundaries in many areas of my life; constantly learning.
Success: Becoming more adept at anger management and anxiety control
Success: Becoming more organized after reading GTD.
Success: Becoming more aware of others' emotions and focusing more on them.
Success: Volunteering throughout my life
Success: Trusting my intuition and not ignoring it.

(Note: I've had to change these a bit to be less specific.)

All the volunteers at the Rogers Cup wanted to sit in the chair. "Please. No flash photography!"

The results of Step 2: Identify Core Values.

Top Value: JoyTop Values (5): Compassion, Forgiveness, Joy, Synergy, WisdomAll Values (30): Balance, Commitment, Compassion, Confidence, Consciousness, Courage, Creativity, Dependability, Empathy, Family, Forgiveness, Friendship, Generosity, Gratitude, Health, Hospitality, Humor, Imagination, Intuition, Joy, Knowledge, Love, Non-Violence, Optimism, Organization, Patience, Security, Synergy, Thoughts, Wisdom

(Note: Thankfully all of these still ring true. No editing done.)

Being one of the family genealogists takes a lot of research and patience, but if you push on through the rewards are endless... That might be a genealogy joke.

Step 3: Identify Contributions.
* the world in general: use my time to make a positive impact, and to help people feel happiness.
* your family: to be a leader in keeping the family connected through communication and love.
* your employer or future employers: to be a mentor; to bring honesty and passion to my job in order to achieve goals.
* your friends: to be available, to forgive, and to keep connected on a real emotional level.
* your community: to give of myself wisely.

(Note: This last step I edited quite a bit.)

STEPS 4 AND 5: I will put these in a later post.


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