Karena (karena) wrote,

Mission Statement

Past Successes:

1) Active learning, and achieving dreams step-by-step.
2) Expanding Emotional Intelligence
3) Finishing what I start and achieving satisfaction in my personal and work life.
4) Giving back to friends, family, and community.

Top Values:

Compassion, Forgiveness, Integrity, Joy, Serenity

All Values:

Balance, Committment, Compassion, Confidence, Consciousness, Contemplation, Courage, Creativity, Dependability, Empathy, Family, Forgiveness, Friendship, Generosity, Gratitude, Health, Hospitality, Humour, Imagination, Integrity, Intuition, Joy, Knowledge, Love, Non-Violence, Optimism, Organization, Patience, Security, Serenity, Synergy, Wisdom.

Ways in Which I Can Make a Contribution:

1) To use compassion and forgiveness to make a positive impact in the world.
2) To keep my family happy through communication and sharing joy.
3) To share joyful experiences with and to provide non-judgemental support to my friends.
4) To volunteer and support individuals and organizations in my community.


1) To increase my compassion and help me guide or mentor others to find their bliss.
2) To become confident, serene, and successful hurdler of challenges.
3) To find a job for which I can mentor talent, achieve mindful goals, and satisfy my financial needs.

Mission Statement:

To share the joy of living with compassion, integrity and wisdom while accomplishing my goals and the dreams of others.


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