Karena (karena) wrote,

Good Weather? Let's Paint!

I've been working on projects over the summer. Recently I scraped, sanded and painted the iron café table someone found for me last year. It's a glossy black and it turned out fine (although if I had the inclination I would have sanded the surface much more).

Before the bitter weather sets in I'm knocking off a few more items. There's the stool I found out in the trash. It was wooden and filthy, but after scrubbing and sanding and given some coats of glossy Royale Red it's coming along. Next will be a really old lamp. I've already buffed the metal parts, but I don't know how to clean the plastic cord back to white. I'll be shopping for a turquoise blue to spray on the ceramic base. I've never liked the colour blue it is now. I considered red, but...I'm doubtful the base suits an "earthy" look.

Tags: diy, gtd, organization, via ljapp
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